Our Values

Customer relations are vital to the service we provide. Therefore, at La Oma, it’s not a cliché when we say: “The customer is King”. It’s just our way of life. Our customers become our friends, and we know most of them by name. We pride ourselves in treating everyone as equals. We are as passionate about an individual as we are about a corporate account. We’ve created a loyal following by sticking to this guiding belief.

Transparency, honesty and integrity are the heart of our business. We proudly supply bulk and wholesale orders to many large, long-standing corporate companies and restaurants. Whether you are a large corporation or an individual, quality is the backbone of our business, and we strive to give all our customers the same excellent quality and service. It’s not our philosophy or mission statement; it’s just what we do best.

Our core belief is to stock quality before price; as such, we always source the highest quality products available and then offer those products at affordable prices. This philosophy explains why La Oma products are tasty, delicious, wholesome and mouth-wateringly good! Try the matured cuts from our maturing fridges for extra juicy steaks and appreciate the quality and perfection that has gone into preparing them.

  • Offering the highest quality at the best price has never wavered
  • As a team, we value accountability, strong ethical values and loyalty
  • We strive to create a working culture that reflects pride, passion and professionalism in every area of our operation
  • As a company, we uphold human values and are committed to the development of our staff so that they too can reach their full potential in a challenging market environment
  • In striving to achieve our goals, we encourage an open-door communication policy to integrate management with staff
  • We pride ourselves on delivering quality meat that exceeds your expectations
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